Registration Lottery Opens Jan 06, 2020

Little Red Registration is limited to 3,500 riders, selected through a lottery system. The registration fee is $75 per person.

You can register for the lottery as an individual or as a team of 2 to 10 riders. The random selection lottery process treats individuals and teams the same, so the chances of being selected are equal.

If you are planning to ride a tandem, you must register as a team.


To register as a team, one individual should register first and choose a Team Name.

Additional team members can then register by first selecting the Team Name in the registration form and then adding their name. To avoid possible conflicts, make sure you use the exact Team Name, e.g. ‘GoGo Girls’ is not the same as ‘Go-Go Girls’.

Please note the following:

Only one lottery entry per person. More than one lottery entry by an individual will result in removal of all entries by that person.

You cannot register as both an individual and a team member - see note above!

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