Little Red 2021 Cancellation

We have thought long and hard about the fate of Little Red 2021 and have consulted with various authorities. Based on our findings, we have decided that we will delay the ride one more year.

We’re sure that you will all agree that Little Red is a ride like no other. The woman to women camaraderie, friendships, support and fun fostered through the ride is unmatched. Sure, we could hold a ride, but it just wouldn’t be Little Red.

Little Red is all about the social interaction… riding, camping, dining, snacking and lingering together. And, let’s not forget the Wolfie hugs. We could do little of that while still meeting COVID-imposed health code requirements. So, rather than hold “just another ride,” we’re waiting until 2022 so we can give you all the ambiance, entertainment, and fun that you have come to expect from Little Red. And for those of you who registered for the 2020 ride and were anticipating a guaranteed entry into the 2021 ride, we will honor that promise for 2022.

We’ll be holding a series of monthly contests beginning next month with the winners receiving free registrations to the 2022 event and some lucky winners will also receive a free hotel night along with a free registration. So, be sure to check your emails from us.

Thank you for your support through the years. We expect Little Red will be back and better than ever in 2022. So, mark your calendars now: June 4, 2022.

If you have questions, concerns or comments, please email:

Little Red Executive Planning Committee

Bonneville Cycling Club