A portion of every rider's fee will be donated to the Huntsman Cancer Foundation for women's cancer research. huntsman canceer institute logo

Sponsorship Opportunities

Bonneville Cycling Club (BCC) is a non-profit organization that promotes healthy lifestyles by providing bicycling education and cycling experiences for its members and other participants. As a sponsor of Little Red Riding Hood, you will be helping us promote healthy lifestyles and investing in the future of women’s cancer research.

We at Little Red are honored to be raising money for breast and ovarian cancer research for the Huntsman Cancer Institute.

Benefits of Sponsorship

Little Red Riding Hood provides a fun, healthy weekend for 3,500 women. The event is a huge undertaking. There are months of planning, thousands of hours and hundreds of volunteers who work to bring this one-of-a-kind event to life. Sponsors can leverage this popular event and get their products, services and community message to consumers who may otherwise not know of them, while helping us reach our charitable goals.

Money raised through Little Red Riding Hood sponsors will go to Huntsman Cancer Foundation which means your donation is tax deductible.

Levels of sponsorship:

Gold Sponsor $10,000
– Flyer in rider packets
– Logo on event t-shirt
– Logo on website
– 10 comp Little Red registrations
– Logo on event banners
– Exhibit space at Little Red Expo
– Logo on jersey
– Logo on banner for stage

Silver Sponsor $5,000
-Flyer in rider packets
-Logo on event-shirt
-Logo on website
-5 comp Little Red registrations
-Logo on event banners

Bronze Sponsor $2,500
-Flyer in rider packets
-Logo on event t-shirt
-Logo on website
-2 comp Little Red registrations

Rest Stop Sponsor $800
-Flyer in rider packets
-Logo on event t-shirt
-Full ownership of Rest Stop

Little Red Expo ­­­
-Exhibit space at Expo
-10’ x 10’ space $400
-10‘ x 20’ space $500
-10’ x 30’ space $600
-20’ x 20’ space $700

Copper Sponsor $500
-Logo on event t-shirt
-Logo on website

Flyer in Event Packet – Inclusion in event packet of 3,500 riders
Service includes stuffing and shipping of packets. Flyer to be no larger than 8 ½” by 11”. Must receive flyer no later than April 1. Provide 3,800 flyers so we have enough for every rider. Please email Frankie Nicholson a copy of your flyer. No samples in packets.

– If you are a non-profit organization (501(c)(3) form required) cost is $175
– If you are for profit, cost is $375

Important Sponsor Deadlines:

-To be included on the jersey we must have signed agreement and logo by March 1

-To be included on the event t-shirt we must have signed agreement and logo by March 25
-To have your flyer in the rider packets we must have signed agreement and logo by April 1
-To be included on event banners we must have signed agreement and logo by May 1

Sponsorship Contact Information:

If you’d like to be a sponsor but your company has specific requirements, we can work with you. For questions please contact Frankie Nicholson

Download Sponsor Agreement

Thanks to our generous Sponsors!